Carry On, Jihad

Flame Cozy Advent Quiet Candles Advent Wreath
Some candles deal with terrorism, yesterday.


By Ben Pensant

As anyone who’s spent five minutes on Twitter knows all too well, the only thing more predictable than Islamic terrorism is the right-wing reaction to Islamic terrorism. True enough, within seconds of marginalised youngster Salman Abeidi blowing up 22 people in Manchester social media was awash with racist assumptions based on nothing more than the fact that marginalised youngsters who blow people up tend to be Muslims.

So when it turned out he was a Muslim the mob deducted this had influenced his decision to kill people, conveniently ignoring the many other valid reasons to kill people, such as cartoons depicting a pervert with a beard necking on with Jesus. But the left long ago gave up countering arguments with facts, a clever move as we literally don’t have any. Far better to ignore those who contend that a religion which instructs its followers to murder might have something to do with its followers committing murder.

Thankfully, the left-wing response to Manchester was as dignified as ever. In fact, the calm manner in which we reacted to the tragedy was almost Zen-like. Indeed, it’s a measure of our virtue that the same people who are driven to seething rage by Brexit, pronouns and Katie Hopkins were remarkably relaxed considering a far-right fascist had just killed 22 people. A better example of ‘carrying on as usual’ you’d struggle to find, and if that means carrying on ignoring the elephant in the room while it carries on killing us then so be it.

As you’d guess, this message was exemplified by Jeremy Corbyn; showering the grief-stricken with empty platitudes before reminding them it was the West’s fault. Because despite his sterling work supporting Hamas and Hezbollah there’s no blood on his hands, unlike a certain Theresa May. Indeed, as has been repeatedly pointed out by Corbynites, the fact that the government sell arms to Saudi Arabia magically cancels out that fact that Jezza has spent years supporting the ideology they sell them to. Not that it matters a jot as he had dreadlocks at the time.

But this is just the sexiest example of liberals doing what they always do when Islamists kill. In fact there has arguably been even more apologism and screams of ‘racist!’ than usual, with particular emphasis placed upon avoiding negative emotions like anger and instead singing Kumbaya and pretending it’ll all work out if we just learn to love.

How someone whose 13-year-old daughter was murdered at a concert is supposed to avoid feeling angry about it is unclear. But we know any attempts to stop more 13-year-olds being killed at concerts are to be avoided. Or at least delayed until several weeks of candles, group hugs and tear-stained renditions of Don’t Look Back In Anger have eradicated any residual anger about their child going to a gig and ending the night with nails in her brain.

Because this is no time to discuss who set off the bomb or the ideology that made him. The respectful reaction is to forget the crime and who carried it out and focus on Bringing People Together. And by that I mean ‘ensure Muslim communities are protected and patronised in preparation for the wave of Islamophobic hate-crimes that never arrives’. Because it’s to the left’s credit that we use every act of Islamic terror to warn against something that might happen rather than deal with something that did.

And if we can achieve this by re-tweeting photos of an imam and a rabbi holding hands then all the better. Anything to avoid condemning the religious ideology subscribed to by Abeidi and every other oppressed Muslim who opts to vent their frustration with Middle-East meddling by murdering teenagers.

Because the only time that ideology should be mentioned is to say that terrorism has nothing to do with it. Indeed, so thoroughly has this deception been maintained it now appears Islam has nothing to do with anything, least of all Islam. With a bit of luck in a decade from now Islam will have gone from being the Religion Of Peace to the Religion About Nothing; a theocratic Seinfeld with less Jews and more beheadings. Until that day we must continue to massage the myth that Islam is peaceful, anyone who criticises it is racist and all the terrorism, oppression and human rights abuses carried out in its name are unfortunate side-effects that will go away if we just ignore them.

Luckily, once the vigils and singalongs were finished we got back to doing what we do best: blaming everyone but Islamic terrorists for Islamic terrorism. Because as anyone who’s had the Qur’an explained to them by a liar knows fine well, if Muhammad was around today he’d be appalled by terrorism. And he’d be particularly appalled that Abeidi exterminated a gaggle of young girls without enslaving and raping them first.

Though like another bearded sage with a fondness for sandals, he’d also stress that ISIS only burn people alive and shoot Parisians because of us. As courageous Sharia-positive feminist Linda Sarsour recently pointed out, Mo spent his while life fighting Islamophobia, though it’s debatable he ever endured anything as offensive as Katie Hopkins or Peppa Pig. But at least he never let it impede his murdering and warmongery. God knows how he’d complete his life’s work in this day and age.

Luckily, Mo would be delighted with Sarsour’s brand of feminism, fast becoming du rigueur in regressive circles with everyone from Sally Khon to Susan Sarandon embracing this exciting new version which empowers women by subjugating them. In fact, intersectional taste-makers predict it may even overtake Lena Dunham’s bold strain, which involves lecturing females less privileged than her and flashing her mott on the telly. I’m sure Allah would approve.

Which would make a nice change from pissing him off. Because we have to face facts: if we keep doing stuff Islamists don’t like they’re going to keep killing us. No-one’s saying teenagers shouldn’t be allowed to enjoy themselves. But the fact remains that if those parents hadn’t let their children out to flaunt their materialism and rampant sexuality they’d still be alive. Respect is a two-way street, though you’d never guess from the way youthful Brits regularly insult this harmless faith by wearing skimpy clothes, listening to music and leaving the house without a male guardian. Brave radicals regularly show remarkable restraint by not assaulting these young women yet all they get in return is Geordie Shore and chlamydia. Wouldn’t you be angry?

Thankfully, some of us get it and I was delighted to hear Ariane Grande admit her culpability in the Manchester massacre. ‘Sorry’ has been the hardest word for the West to say to Muslims for decades and it comes to something that it takes a bloody pop star to do it. But make no mistake, Grande deserves all the plaudits she gets. Because it’s easy for me to say the blame lies with half-naked ladies wearing lipstick and flashing their knickers but it will have meant the world to the Islamist community to hear it straight from the whore’s mouth.

Contrast this with the attitude displayed by redneck loser Jesse Hughes after 90 Eagles Of Death Metal fans were caught in the crossfire as another gang of oppressed Muslims were forced to take the law into their own hands. The killers’ bodies were barely cold before he was mouthing off about security guards and he forfeited sympathy altogether when he went on to out himself as both a Trump supporter and a gun-wielding maniac. Predictably, he later tried to weasel out of it by claiming he was ‘traumatised’. Pull the other one, tashy. And while you’re at it try telling someone who’s endured the ordeal of seeing a white man eating sushi while wearing a sombrero that witnessing your fans being shot to pieces is even half as traumatic.

No, the left weren’t buying it for a second and for two days brave liberals withdrew their support for the band, with one insightful soul on CiF rightly wondering if Hughes’ toxic politics may have even convinced ISIS to choose an EODM gig as the backdrop to their bloodshed. Thank god someone’s not afraid to ask these questions. Because as shocking as young lives lost are, to move on we have to acknowledge that children can be just as responsible for their own deaths as adults.

And the fact is the putrid swamp from which Hughes and his Eagles crawled also spewed forth those Grande fans who thought nothing of rubbing their secularism in the faces of oppressed Muslims. To quote Seumas Milne straight after 9/11, ‘Is it any wonder they want to kill us?’. And I haven’t even started on our relentless bombing of the middle-east yet, which has become so bad the jihadists have even started attacking European countries who’ve got fuck all to do with it.

No, the fact is being Western is provocation enough and until we learn to just do what they want we’ll be living in fear for a good while yet. With this in mind I can’t have been the only one to note the irony of last week’s incident happening so soon after the BBC screened their vile attack on the northern Muslim community, Three Girls.

Connected? Who knows but as we’ve blamed everyone else we might as well stick the boot into our Zionist propaganda channel too. Because the grooming ‘scandal’ illustrates the same truth as the Manchester ‘attack’: if you keep subjecting peaceful people to racism and marginalisation sooner or later they’re going to rape and murder your children.

Indeed, both cases starkly illustrate the danger of allowing your children to attend pop concerts in training bras. But fear not, white parents, it’s not you who has to pick up the pieces when the poor sod who kidnaps or murders them has to spend his golden years in jail. Just let the Muslim community deal with it. Again.

And the fact that the brave men depicted in this disgraceful ‘drama’ were shown zero respect for their entrepreneurial spirit just shows how cancerous the BBC has become. Because as we know, Islamophobes from Lands End to John O’Noakes never miss an opportunity to slam Muslims for failing to assimilate (ie ‘sell out’). Yet when these kind-hearted men offered a trio of council estate gob-shites the chance to earn a living what happened? Well, the work-shy skanks only cried off rather than get their fannies dirty. As if a child being anally intruded above a kebab shop by a 50-year-old man is any more taxing than a paper round. And lo and behold, for having the temerity to forge promising careers in the vice trade they’re thrown in jail. Never mind whorephobia; this is pimp-phobia and it has to stop before it turns into a thing, like misogynoir or AIDS.

Thankfully all but two of the convicted Rochdale men are back on the streets, along with hundreds who are still getting away with it up and down the country. And lest we forget the brave police officers and councillors who did the decent thing and spent years turning a blind eye to the abuse out of respect for the Muslim – my bad, Asian – community. Because as any liberal knows, there’s nothing more respectful to ethnic minorities than ignoring child-rapists in their midst just in case they get upset and kill us.

Sadly, that ship has now sailed in Manchester, though at least Abedi can take comfort knowing his 72 virgins will be much better dressed and considerably less racist than those little Madames from Rochdale. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for those whose lives were ruined by the arena attack. But rest assured should Abeidi’s accomplices end up in jail us real liberals will be wishing them a speedy release. Failing that they can always get CAGE to lobby the government hard before taking the bastards for every penny they can.

Until then our approach must be, in the words of Andy Burnham, the Larry Vaughn of the North, ‘business as usual’. Tricky to pull off for those whose kids were ripped in half by white-hot ball-bearings but they’ll get over it. Or rather, we will. Because we were appeasers before last Monday and we’re appeasers now. Anything less and the terrorists – or as I call them, ‘the Tories’ – have won. Altogether now…

Soooo Sally can wait…


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