Inside Woman


Nicola Huntly runs the transphobic E-wing gauntlet.

By Ben Pensant

There’s not much to love about Saudi Arabia. From sponsoring Israeli apartheid to bunging the west stolen oil in exchange for biochemical weapons, it’s not hard to see why the KSA sits at number one on the regressive left’s shit-list. But despite that it does serve one important purpose: it’s the only Islamic country we’re allowed to criticise. And zoy, do we do it with gusto.

Indeed, the glee with which principled leftists refer to the Saudis as ‘head-choppers’ is nicely contrasted with the way they scream ‘Islamophobia!’ if anyone calls the Palestinian Authority ‘Jew-killers’, the Supreme Leaders of Iran ‘gay-hangers’, or the Pakistani Government ‘women-who-drink-from-the-wrong-cup-imprisoners’.

So it’s all the more sickening when the right have a pop at Saudi Arabia despite the fact they’ve steadfastly ignored its western-funded barbarism for decades. Unlike the modern left, who only ever bring up the KSA when someone mentions Venezuela or Jezza’s fondness for regimes with similarly enlightened views on gays, Jews, and woman in lipstick. Which explains why they’ve spent the last month shamelessly ignoring all the GENUINE reasons to attack Saudi Arabia in favour of launching a racist attack on the quaint Islamic custom of murdering your own children.

Yes, I’m talking about Rahaf Muhammud al-Qunun – apparently the ‘Muhammud’ is silent – the spoilt little madam who has become the darling of the right-wing media after denouncing Islam, fleeing her Saudi family and rocking up in Thailand demanding everyone else clean up her blasphemous mess. And conservatives couldn’t have asked for a more perfect poster girl. Internalised Islamophobia? Check. Wild allegations of abuse? Check. Slamming her faith to curry favour with the alt-right? CHECK. And she wonders why her poor demonised parents are demanding she return home to face the music.

It sums up the skewed moral compass of the right-wing MSM that they only get animated about misogyny when it means they can have a pop at Islam. Much like they only condemn doxxing and death threats when they’re done by leftists, or object to racism and homophobia when it’s directed at teenage Trump-supporters and comes from marginalised black men dressed as Aladdin.

So it will surprise no-one that while Qunun was going through the ‘ordeal’ of being in ‘limbo’ in a ‘Bangkok’ ‘hotel room’, the brainless drones lapping up her sob story were completely oblivious to the other vulnerable woman being held against her will much closer to home.

Unlike Qunun, this oppressed female trapped within four walls isn’t granted the privilege of posting selfies, ordering room service, or being whisked to Canada like the spoilt white princess she wishes she was. Because this woman is languishing in jail for a crime she didn’t commit. Yes, society has decided it’s not just acceptable to lock up innocent women: it’s also okay to send them to MEN’s prisons. In 2019. So forgive me if I don’t consider Little Miss Apostateknickers and her free holiday to Montreal quite as important as the incarceration of Nicola Huntly.

Unsurprisingly, the same people who claim to care about women’s rights said bugger all about Nicola’s plight, which generated roughly 1% of the coverage Qunun’s did. So while those of us lucky enough to be white, straight and Christian looked the other way and enjoyed our Islamophobic festival of hate and chocolate, a WOMAN was forced to spend Christmas fending off rapists, gangsters and sweat-drenched guards in aviator shades. For shame.

And what was Nicola’s crime? What was deemed so horrific she should spend her days in fear of rape, murder, and having her bra-strap pinged in the dinner hall? It’s a question no-one wants to answer. Because Nicola Huntly did literally nothing. Nicola Huntly never hurt a fly. How could she? Nicola has only existed for a year: it was Ian Huntly who got her into this mess.

That’s right – because Nicola’s fun, vibrant, FEMALE mind is attached to the body of a man who murdered two children SHE has to pay the penance. Yet no-one can ever explain what the hell his has to do with Nicola. Why should a strong, independent woman be punished for something a white male did? A white male who was always a woman anyway? (Apart from the day he killed Holly Chapman and Jessica Wells when he was categorically male.) And let’s be honest, was his crime really that abhorrent? Is no-one willing to admit that maybe things aren’t so clear-cut? That Ian was provoked into killing two children and setting their bodies on fire?

Good luck getting any answers. The silence from the police, the courts and the murdered girls’ parents is deafening. Indeed, the only time they comment on Nicola is when they’re calling her ‘Ian’, a gross act of violent deadnaming which not only offends the trans community but also endangers the lives of child killers in knickers worldwide.

Transphobes predictably took to social media to argue against putting Nicola in a women’s jail, as if housing a rapist among females was some kind of dangerous act, like throwing a pit bull into a chicken coop. It’s no surprise that these are the same hypocrites who had zero sympathy with the Native American forced to fend off a slavering horde of white supremacist schoolkids last weekend, using only his shit-hot percussive talents and the military skills he honed while fighting in the Spanish Civil War.

Needless to say, none of the TERFs considered that there may be more to the story. And as it’s now as clear that Huntly has ALWAYS been a woman – apart from when he murdered Holly and Jessica – it’s pretty obvious Nicola was the victim of transphobic abuse, left with no choice but to fight back by murdering two little girls, slipping briefly into ‘Ian’ mode to carry out the justified act of vengeance before reverting to ‘Nicola’ in time for tea.

How dim-witted detectives never deduced this in 2003 is a mystery but that’s the filth for you. The Tory press can pretend these brats were blameless but we all know how cruel bullies are, especially when confronted with gender non-conforming kiddy-fiddling caretakers. I dread to think what these two little thugs put Nicola through before Ian said ‘enough’s enough’ and stepped in to defend her honour. Is it any wonder they ended up dead in a ditch?

But Nicola’s horrendous ordeal is merely the tip of the transphobic iceberg. Indeed, this sorry story has prompted me to wonder: how many other supposed ‘psychos’ are inside because of crimes committed in a previous identity? How many ‘rapists’ and ‘killers’ were incited into violence through abuse and discrimination? How many transwomen have to be wrongly imprisoned before their needs are put before those of cry-baby schoolgirls in bloodstained Man City shirts?

Needless to say, last month while Nicola was fighting tooth and nail to be treated like a human being, The Sport revealed that Stuart Sutcliffe – AKA The Yorkshire Killer – had been subjected to a sustained campaign of harassment in Slade Prison, involving threats, violence, and one cruel lag having a SHIT in his advent calendar. Ordinarily this would barely cause a ripple: just another privileged white male getting his just desserts for battering prostitutes to death, possibly the most toxic form of masculinity after manspreading and disagreeing with Jezebel writers on Twitter.

But take a second to join the dots and it’s hard not to shake the suspicion that this campaign of terror against Sutcliffe was predicated on transphobia. Once we accept that, it’s pretty clear he killed those women because they were taunting him with their biological fannies. Don’t believe me? Look at a picture of Sutcliffe in his heyday: welder’s thumbs, six-foot frame, massive kite. He couldn’t look more like a woman if he dyed his beard blue and attacked a 60-year-old hooker with a shovel on Hyde Park. (Not that he’d do that: the 60-year-old hookers prefer doing their business indoors with easy access to a bathroom and warm blankets. Worth bearing in mind if you ever escape and fancy a stroll down memory lane, Stu.)

So as a mark of solidarity, I hereby intend to identify Sutcliffe as a woman and send polite death threats to anyone on social media who doesn’t. Let’s call her Sophie, send all the silly-killy stuff Stuart to the nearest memory hole, and kickstart the campaign for her and Nicola’s sentences to be immediately quashed NOW. Last year was a horrendous one for women but let’s begin 2019 in a positive manner by securing the release of two people responsible for the deaths of 15 biological females.

After that? Well, one thing Britain has an abundance of is miscarriages of justice. Indeed, a marginalised Muslim is currently banged up in the slammer surrounded by infidels just because a few years back some balding gypsy called Levi Blofeld used his body to rape and murder women and schoolgirls. Needless to say, no-one is fighting his corner like they are Qunun’s. Not the right kind of Muslim, you see: too Islamic, too observant, too keen on hanging around bus stops asking 15-year-old girls how tight their cunts are.

I wouldn’t be surprised if ‘Levi’ is actually trans too. In which case it’s up to her how many women she bludgeons with hammers or flattens in her Land Rover. As the witch-hunt against Caitlin Janner proved, of all the abuse directed at the trans community, perhaps the most hateful is the right-wing obsession with their erratic driving.

Needless to say, as well as being forced to live among non-Muslims, she is also stuck in a men’s prison. Which is a wise tactic. Because we all know the real reason the transphobes don’t want Nicola, Sophie and Yusuf Raheem in woman’s prisons is because they’re terrified one of them might kick a TERF to death in the exercise yard. And with good reason. Because when Jezza becomes PM British jails will be rammed to the rafters with transphobic hate criminals convicted of everything from buying tampons in public to reading Women’s Own on the bus.

But we mustn’t hesitate. Because with the terrifying prospect of No Deal Brexit looming, the plight of innocent people locked up for something they did in another life is becoming increasingly urgent. This is why Jezza has refused to discuss No Deal, because he knows if we crash out of the EU without an arrangement anything could happen. Freedom of movement? Forget it. Never mind locking women up with men, we could have children sharing cells with Leave voters, refugees living among racist pensioners, principled liberals forced to breathe the same air as black Tories. Armageddon, basically.

So there’s a long way to go. And as beautiful as it will be when Nicola is once again free to kill whoever she likes, for every vulnerable transwoman guilty of nothing more than sharing the same body as a murderer there are hundreds of REAL threats, such as creepy ‘comic’ Lewis CK, inexplicably allowed to walk the streets sticking two fingers up at the left and courting the alt-right by doing exactly the same kind of material he’s always done. Or that MAGA Sandman kid, who is not only granted the privilege to attend a misogynist march demanding women are tied to radiators at gunpoint and forced to give birth to ugly children, he also does it while deploying the brutal tactic of every genocidal fascist in history: standing still and smirking. Let’s see how smiley he is after President Ocasia-Cortez has thrown him in a women’s prison full of Cherokee trans-vets with thousand yard stares and bongos fashioned from TERF-skin. His grin won’t be half as wide as his ringpiece after Showers With Drumsticks is finished with him.

But it’ll still be a picnic compared to what Nicola Huntly has been through. Perhaps the right-wing MSM should put as much effort into highlighting this injustice as they do indulging female cons, defending red-capped racists, and shilling for self-hating Muslims.




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